Our commitments

Proud of their roots and respectful of traditions, the Chabert cheese dairy is
committed to maintaining relationships of trust and genuine partnerships with the local farming community. With this, they intend to preserve the land of character from which they live.


Benefiting from a priviliged natutal area, the Savoy region offers a diversity of resources that men and women preserve. The Chabert cheese dairy is committed to promoting and protecting agropastoralism, an extensive farming system. By focusing on livestock in the pastures, local producers help sustain sensitive areas and maintain biodiversity.

The milk collected by the Chabert cheese dairy comes from local and rustic breeds of cows, perfectly adapted to the climate and the rugged mountain terrain. Three cow breeds meet the criteria: Abundance, Tarine and Montbéliarde. Free to roam and raised in the fresh mountain air, they feed on fresh grass and forage, and produce rich milk with all the flavors of the alpine flora.


It is the love of the earth, mankind and their ancestral expertise that has led three generations of the Chabert family to continue their great dairy traditions.

Emerging in the region of Savoy around 1900, dairy cooperatives allowed farmers to gather the ‘fruit’ of their work together to produce long-keeping cheeses by using rigorous methods.

This system, which guarantees them fair compensation, is the origin of exceptional quality specialties such as Tomme de Savoie IGP, Emmental de Savoie IGP, Abondance AOP, Beaufort AOP…


Firmly attached to the land, the Chabert cheese dairy shares the same quality requirements with the local producers. At the heart of their dairy, they take great care of each stage of production, ensuring strict compliance with the specifications of these cheeses distinguished by quality labels. Complying to the most recent standards and certifications, each manufacturing site is engaged with a quality approach.

Throughout the production chain, a series of controls and analyzes are carried out to ensure optimal food safety. From the production of milk to the marketing of cheese, through the development of a range of organic products, the Chabert cheese dairy is committed to serving quality for the consumer.


Favoring traditional craftmanship and past-time manufacturing methods, Chabert cheese dairies also strive to adapt to the demands of the modern world. They have combined the traditional craft with new technologies.

Today, in addition to the iconic Savoy cheeses made with raw milk, Chabert continues to inovate by producing a variety of cheese specialties. To reinvent themselves and attract more people, Chabert has created new cheeses with pasteurized milk.