A beautiful family history

From generation to generation, the Chabert family has cultivated the taste of the country with the respect of traditional craftmanship and the quest for authenticity. It is with great passion and patience that the house of Chabert produces cheeses from Savoie as well as other specialties.


A bold cheese maker, Camille Chabert founded his business in 1936 with his wife, Marcelle. He then moved as a cheese maker to the dairy of Thusel in Albanais, located in Haute-Savoy, France where he made cheese mills of Emmental of Savoy and sold them to local cheese refiners.

Thoughout the years, Camille worked from dairy to dairy. His son, Gérard joined him in 1965 at the dairy in Annecy-le-Vieux, with a degree of master cheesemaker.

When the Mont Blanc milk factory in Rumilly, France decided to buy cheaper milk from Brittany, France, local producers built a modern cheese factory with a new, maturing cellar in Vallières, France. Always keen to promote local expertise, Camille and Gérard seized the opportunity to work with the local Savoy producers and settled in Vallières in 1967.


Camille passed the love of tradition and the passion for the future to his son, Gérard Chabert. Driven by the same determination as his father, Gérard gave a new dynamic to the company in the 80s.

When Emmental de Savoie IGP declined in popularity, the Chabert company decided to diversify its production, by making Tomme de Savoie PGI, Abondance PDO, Reblochon Savoie AOP… Over the years, Chabert initiated a geniune policy of external growth by acquiring daries throughout the Savoy region, becoming a key player in Savoyard cheese production.


Now, more than ever, the desire to innovate drives this deeply rooted family in the heart of the Savoy region. Joining the company in the 1990s, Luc and his sister, Céline continue the work of their family with determination.

They are thoroughly committed to continuing the tradition of dairy production, while meeting the requirements of the modern world. They support external growth by developing a constant policy of investments and innovations. In 2003, the company built a packaging workshop at the Vallières site, as well as an analysis laboratory dedicated to all of the company’s dairies. To diversify its distribution channels, Chabert markets 40% of their production under private label.

Today, the company asserts its presence in international markets, specializing in the export of raw and pasteurized cheese.