Organic Tommette de Savoie

For everyone’s pleasure, the Chabert cheese dairy makes the organic Tommette de Savoie, a gourmet alternative portion, that showcases the beauty of the cheese and keeps all of its flavor protected by its thin and gray rind, like the rocks of the mountains.


The organic Tommette de Savoie is small in size and grand in quality. This round cheese features a grey, flowery rind, with a 4 to 5 cm heel. It has a delicate, pearly taste, with woody undertones and a hazelnut aroma.


The organic Tommette de Savoie is refined for 30 days. As the seasons go by, its taste evolves in accordance with the flavors of the organic milk harvested in the pastures.


Weight : 230 gr. MG rate : 25 gr / 100 gr of the finished product.