Tomme crayeuse

Tomme crayeuse

Be amazed by this artisanal Annecy, France specialty with contrasting white cheese. Under its thick rind, it hides a crumbly texture like chalk in the center which lends the name, Crayeuse, (French for chalk). The cheese has a gritty center that is supple and creamy. A ‘must try’ cheese.


This Tomme has a gray-brown rind, with small, yellow spots that develop as the cheese ages. Beneath the rind, the cheese is shiny and supple with a white and grainy center.


This cheese is matured for a minimum of 60 days.


Tomme Crayeuse is an uncooked, pressed cheese made from raw, whole cow’s milk.


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La petite histoire - CHABERT

The little story

A piece of bread and tomme ("bocon d'pan tomo" in patois) and an apple, was once the frugal meal of the first guides of Chamonix, chimney sweeps and peddlers. There were, it was said, as much Tomme cheese as there were mothers. A stay in Savoy is an opportunity to discover the extent of these pure local products.

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