Raclette de Savoie PGI (Protected Geographical Indication)

Raclette de Savoie PGI (Protected Geographical Indication)

Here is a cheese with a smooth and creamy texture that you can not help tasting by itself. Not to mention that warm, it melts evenly, without burning.The Raclette de Savoie PGI is so tasty because it is made from raw milk, rich from the nutrients of the land while locally and traditionally crafted.


The Raclette de Savoie comes in the form of a round cheese wheel, 28 to 34 cm in diameter and 6 to 7.5 cm in height. Its average weight is about 6 kg. Under its orange rind, the cheese is supple and ivory yellow in color. It has a frank, balanced and very fragrant taste, and is ideal for melting.


The Raclette de Savoie PGI is refined in a cool cellar for 16 weeks, on wooden boards.


This uncooked, pressed cheese is made from raw cow's milk.


  • Custom cut 
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La petite histoire - CHABERT

The little story

Raclette cheese was invented in the Middle Ages by shepherds who comsumed it mainly outdoors in the summertime when they were grazing cows. At that time, there was talk of "grilled cheese": they placed half of a wheel of cheese in front of a fire and scraped the melted cheese to spread on bread and potatoes. This is how the name of raclette appeared (racler – to scrape), in reference to the action of scraping the melted surface of the cheese.

DAIRIE producing the Raclette de Savoie