A savoir-faire of excellence

A key player in the field of cheese production, the Chabert cheese dairy understood the challenges of dairy production revalorization. Today, they collect nearly 90 million liters of milk a year from 350 local farmers. Its annual production reaches more than 10,000 tons of cheese.

Milk, 100 % Savoyard

Primarily sourced from local breeds, milk is collected directly from local producers. Each Chabert dairy is supplied with milk from the surrounding farms. Before transferring this milk to its tank, the collector carries out a quality control of the milk. Upon arrival at the dairy, the milk is analyzed again before being poured into the tanks to proceed with its transformation.

Rigorous manufacturing

In the production tank, lactic ferments and rennet and are added to the raw milk: this causes it to coagulate and become curdled. The curd is then cut with a slice-curd and transformed into grains. The grains are stirred and then drained. They are put in a mold and pressed to extract the liquid whey. The cheeses then get their final shape. After, they are removed from the mold, salted and dried in the cheese cellars.



The lengthy process of ‘Affinager’

Affinage is a French term also found in English that defines the process of maturing, refining or ripening of cheese.

This stage is when the cheese is kept in the cellar at a temperature and humidity that can varies depending on the type of cheese. The Affineur’s (the affinage worker) job is to turn, wash or brush the cheese. They also control the quality, level of maturity and conservation capacity. It is throughout this stage that the cheeses develop their specific flavors and aromas.

A sustainable will

A sustainable will

As part of their sustainable development approach, the Chabert cheese dairies attach great importance to the protection of nature that surrounds them.  That's why they develop their range of organic cheeses made from organic milk, from organic farms. This guarantees the consumption of good, healthy and environmentally friendly products.

Our prestigious cheese awards

An essential for gourmets, the cheese from Chabert daries consistently stands out in prestigious French regional and national competitions.
Concours Général Agricole Paris
  • Médaille d’Argent 2016 pour sa Tomme de Savoie (Fromagerie Chabert - Hauteville-sur-Fier)

  • Médaille d’Argent 2014 pour son Reblochon laitier AOP (Fromagerie Chabert - Hauteville-sur-Fier)

Concours grand public
Emmental de Savoie IGP
  • 2015 : 1er prix délivré à la Fruitière Chabert de Vallières

  • 2014 : 1er prix délivré à la Fruitière Chabert du Val de Fier