Le P’tiou Savoyard

Le P’tiou Savoyard

Authentic and carefully spelled, the P'tiou Savoyard is a cheese with mountain character. Its rich and intense flavor is well revealed on a slice of good bread.


The P'tiou Savoyard is a round cheese with a high heel. Its finely squared, copper rind hides a soft and tender cheese with great aromatic richness. The manufacturing specifics make it soft to the heart, tender to the palate and specific in taste.


The P'tiou Savoyard matures slowly in the cellar to release its generous aroma. Regular treatment gives it its orange color.


The P'tiou Savoyard is a member of the the soft cheese family. It has a washed rind and is made with pasteurized cow's milk. Weight : 200 gr - Rate of MG : 24 gr / 100 gr of finished product.

La petite histoire - CHABERT

The little story

Once found in chalets and small guest houses, it was necessary to have a cheese to feed the appetities of the families who worked hard on the pastures. The  Savoyard P'tiou is dedicated to them. A friendly cheese to share any time of the day.