Flocon de Savoie

Flocon de Savoie

With its delicate hazelnut taste, its fine, white and satiny rind and its tender center, the organic Flocon de Savoie is a gourmet catch. By itself or on a slice of bread, savor it at any time to enjoy a small, healthy and fresh pleasure.


The Flocon de Savoie is a small, white, round cheese that is part of the soft cheese family. It has a very fine floral rind that is slightly fuzzy and a soft center, with a delicate taste combined with a slightly lactic flavor.


To produce the purest cheese, Chabert cheese dairies use rich and creamy milk of Savoy. The Flocon de Savoie is matured in a cellar to reveal a delicate pattern on its rind. To fully develop its flavor during this period, the Flocon is turned by hand every 2 days.


It is part of the soft cheese family, made with Savoy pasteurized cow milk.

Weight : 120 g. Rate of MG : 24 g / 100 g of the finished product.

La petite histoire - CHABERT

The little story

Here, in the alpine mountains, the snow falls with swirls of large snowflakes. The idea to create the Focon (snowflake) de Savoie, a small, sweet and light cheese, made with cow’s milk was born.