Enjoy your Beaufort PDO as it should be!

Enjoy your Beaufort PDO as it should be!

Beaufort PDO is the cheese choice to savor by itself! It will definitely bring a touch of sophistication to your cheese platter. On the palate, the best pieces reveal mini salty crystals that tempt your tongue: this is the sign of successful affinage.

Cutting in the rules of art

Wheels of cheese are often purchased in portions, meaning slices of the cheese wheel. It is customary to first cut the center into slices parallel to the rind. Then, when you get halfway through the piece, it is best to slice it in the other direction.



The perfect pairing

Enjoy your Beaufort PDO with a dry and bright white wine: Roussette altesse, Chablis, Chignin Bergeron.

Preserve it well

To preserve it, keep it in its original packaging at the bottom of the refrigerator. To reveal all its flavors, take it out one hour before tasting.